How Eating Organic Food Can Save You Money

How you can save money by eating organic food

As well all know, todays produce in the major grocery stores and supermarkets are of low quality, and over time will cost you your health. Everything from Monsanto to Kraft, the foods we digest are of low quality and with added chemicals to preserve the foods we eat each day. Over time, these foods we ingest will start to cause major health issues. The studies show that the mainstream foods we eat today will cause cancer and other health related disease from consuming these added chemicals in our everyday foods.

As the title implicates, how do we save on Organic foods. Well I hear the argument that to eat healthy and organic is way too expensive to maintain each day without going bankrupt. Well this argument to some people is true; to eat healthy and organic is costly at first, and it’s sad that so many people cannot afford to buy organic foods. One thing is happening though, a lot of states in America are allowing organic foods to be bought with social assistance programs, so the choice is becoming easier to make. Food stamps will now allow you to buy seeds and edible plants that you can grow yourself.

When we make the choice to eat organic, we are choosing positive health. This will save everybody money at the end of the day. How will it save? It saves you the cost of doctors’ visits and treatments for disease later on in life. It saves your life by helping you live a healthy lifestyle, which in the long run saves money. When we decide to grow our own fresh produce in our own gardens, we have enough produce to feed a family for more than one meal and in many cases year after year with the same plant.

This in turn saves us money from having to go to the store and buy the produce we used to have to buy, which is sprayed with chemicals and is not safe, and ends up costing more money to buy than if we just had our own plants. Growing our own organic foods is key to a healthy lifestyle. Having our own organic gardens will usually produce more food than what is required for one single meal, so that alone is a way we save on organic food.

Here is a great video we found on YouTube that will help you get started with your own Organic garden.

Organic saves us depending on the food we buy, for example; eggs are a good choice to buy fresh. Fresh eggs that have not been processed and treated will not require refrigeration and can stay out on the counter for months without going bad. These are some general ways that we can save money by going with the organic ways of eating. The health benefits alone will save us money. This is a trickle-down effect also. The insurance companies will save money because less people are sick and going to the doctor, thus lowering our health insurance premiums and deductibles. It ends up being a win-win for all involved, and once we get today’s kids eating and thinking this way, the future generations will be much much better off, both in their health and in their wallets. Eating and growing produce that is organic saves many things and has many positive benefits, other than health and money.