Welcome to Mom Makes Cents.com

Hey, thanks for stopping by my new blog! If you’re seeing my first post then you are probably my mom or one of my sisters, why else would you be here already!

My name is Jane and I’m the mother of 5 YES 5 busy kids. Like every mother in today my life is non stopping running, cleaning, cooking and hugging. If I must say so myself, I’ve made an art of it over the years. The one thing that I think I’ve truly mastered is stretching a penny into a dime. With five children there is always something we need in the house so anytime we can save a few dollars to put toward the fun little extras we go the extra mile to do that.

That’s what I”m going to be sharing on my new blog.
Stretching your money at the grocery market – I firmly believe that the show Extreme Couponing was inspired by me.  Coupons.com, RedPum, SavingStar.com, I was working those sites for years, combing weekly fliers and newspaper inserts is my passion.

Stretching your money on the clothing – With five kids going though cloths you need to be a savvy shopper when it comes to the changing seasons. Hand me downs honestly only make it though so many kids. Clearance racks are where I find my best deals as the seasons change. I’ll share my tips with you.

Stretching your money on things you need for school School supply lists can really add up as kids get older and kids don’t like going to school with pencil boxes and backpacks that have been worn hard and put up wet. We all want our kids to be happy and confident students so going the extra mile to make sure they are well equipped for learning takes skill to do on a budget.